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Welcome to Dexter Baptist Church online.  We are glad that you have found us on the web.  We’d like to take this time to extend a warm welcome to you and your family, and give you a personal invitation to our church. 

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 Prayer Guide for 2018-19 School Year

Pray for:

·         Safety/Security of our children in transit to/from and while at school

·         Teachers to be godly influences on the children

·         The teachers to have patience, grace, love for their students, and a love of teaching! Pray that their enthusiasm flows down to the students entrusted to them for this school year.

·         God to raise up more godly teachers who will be bold in sharing Christ.

·         Godly students to boldly share the gospel at school and at home.

·         Godly leaders who will encourage and pray for teachers/students.

·         Parents to get involved in the schools to spread the gospel

·         Satan and his minions to be resisted and driven from the school grounds (in whatever form they take).

·         The Holy Spirit to fill the campuses with His power.

·         Pray Psalm 91 over the schools and all that are within them daily.

·         Pray that bullying of any kind will be dealt with strongly and stopped immediately. Ask the Lord to raise up counselors in the schools who are equipped to provide compassion to bullied students, as well as anti-bullying education to the students and teachers.

·         God to impress upon you what YOU can do to help make the schools a better place. 




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 Happy Hearts is a group of Senior Adults that join together to fellowship and enjoy life. 
Dexter Baptist Women's Ministry
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